Flowers and Florists: Where Do I Begin?

Flowers and Florists: Where Do I Begin?

Flowers are a must for every wedding. If you have been dreaming about your wedding for years upon years, you might already have ideas when it comes to floral arrangements. But without any experience, the thought of trying to cover everything when it comes to flowers at your wedding can be daunting. After all, your one wedding could probably require more flowers than any other occasion in your life. You will need, at the very minimum, bouquets for attendants, boutonnières for the groom, groomsmen, and fathers, corsages for mothers, decorative flowers at the ceremony, and centrepieces for the reception. So how can you purchase all of these flowers and plan accordingly to make your dreams come true?

How Do I Start Finding Potential Florists?

wedding flowersWhen you start looking for florists, decide what kind of florist you would like. Do you want one who is only in charge of flowers? Nowadays, there are florists who specialize in much more than just floral arrangements when it comes to weddings. Make sure that whatever florist you choose has specialized in weddings before. Making long-lasting floral arrangements for other occasions is very different from floral arrangements for weddings.

To begin your search, you might want to ask some of your friends or acquaintances that were recently wed, especially if you liked the floral designs at the wedding. If no one comes to mind or fits the criteria, you can also consult the contacts you already have at ceremony and reception sites, since they most likely already have florists that they have worked with repeatedly in the past. Search local florist online and read the florist about us web-page, look for their floral arrangements pictures and reviews. This way, you can find a florist who you can trust that is already familiar with the setting. However, no matter what, do not just take the words of others. Do your own research to see if there are facts to support the recommendations of others. Keep in mind that what works for someone else may not be the right fit for you.

When it comes to weddings, florists will be heavily involved in the process. It would be a mistake to think that your florist will only be thinking about flowers. Everything, from hair designs and colour scheme to location, the wedding gown, and the wedding date, can heavily influence a florist’s decisions. After all, you do not want to have everything in your wedding match but completely out of place for the flowers.

To find the florist that is right for you, make sure you find someone that is willing to listen to what you dream of. This is your wedding. Do not let someone else run away with it. Find someone that will listen closely to your ideas but will still offer advice. You want someone who is committed to working with you, your style, and your budget, rather than someone who is simply in it for the money. You also want a person that will let you have the final say when it comes to floral design. Make sure that it is someone that you feel comfortable talking and sharing ideas with.
Communication is a very large part of this process.

What About Budget?

Wedding table decoration seriesWhen it comes to flowers and decorations, most couples spend a total of 3 percent of their total wedding budget. This does not have to be an extravagant number. Florists can be quite understanding, and most of them will work with you to realize your dreams without running you bankrupt. However, the only way to ensure that the cost of flowers does not run sky high is if you are transparent with any prospective florists. Before you meet with potential florists, think seriously about how much you are willing to spend on flowers. Make it clear to them from the very start. Otherwise, planning can be extremely difficult and unpleasant, especially if the florist does not understand your price range.

Unless you are not afraid to spend a serious amount of cash, understand that you do not need to decorate every part of your wedding with flowers. You should work with your florist to designate floral designs where they will be the most noticed. For example, you might want to dedicate more time and money to choosing beautiful bouquets for the bride and the bridesmaids compared to other floral arrangements. A smart idea would be to reuse the same bouquets as table decorations, rather than having mediocre centrepieces and overspending on expensive arrangements.

If you have a lower budget in mind, do not hold unrealistic expectations. For example, a few roses tied together with ribbon are much cheaper than having an elaborately arranged bouquet. Your florist will be more than likely to have ideas on how to make your flowers beautiful and attractive at reasonable prices.

You might also want to consider using flowers that are currently in season or grown local. Also pay attention to the holidays, as holidays usually result in an increase in flower price. You can also consider renting containers from your florist or collecting attractive but inexpensive vases, which may save a lot more as compared to buying an overpriced vase for each and every centrepiece.

Most of all, communicate with your florist. Be open and make it clear to them about what you want.

What Should I Bring When I Meet with Florists?

wedding floristYou will want to already have the wedding location, gown, and date settled. You also want to provide the florist with how much you are willing to spend, the number of guests that you will be expecting, how many other people, such as bridesmaids, will need flowers too. You also want to have a way to show the florist the style that you desire.

Before you meet with your florist, start getting an idea of what type of look you want. Do you want something that is traditional? Or do you want something that is simple and romantic? You can compile a collection of ideas that show the kind of style that you like. This can be made from photographs that you have gathered from magazines or books that show the type of designs you desire. You might also want to bring a bridesmaid dress fabric swatch, a photo of your wedding dress, and photographs of the location.

Also, you should have a colour scheme. This can come from the designs of your invitation, the colours of the bridesmaid dresses, or the location of your wedding, as well as any colours that you personally prefer.

Keep in mind that you do not need a concrete idea in your head already. Part of your florist’s job is to give you ideas and styles that you can choose from.

How Do I Make My Final Decision?

BoutonnièreOnce you have gone through your list of potentials and have an idea of who you want, ask the ones that you are considering to write down an estimate based on the meetings you have had so far. This estimate should include a total price and a breakdown of what it includes, such as the exact number of bouquets, boutonnières and etc. that you are getting. If you simply cannot choose between two people, you can ask the two of them to create a sample to demonstrate an example of an arrangement she would make for you. Most florists do not charge for this.

A Dream Come True

Your search for florists should start happening at least 11 months before your wedding. This is definitely something that you do not want to procrastinate on, but it is also something that you do not want to stress yourself out. Most of all, remember that all of the work you are putting into this is to make you and your loved one’s dreams come true. So have fun, and make sure that you remember to communicate what you envision to your florist, and you will find yourself immensely satisfied when your big day comes.

Do It Yourself Wedding Centrepieces

wedding centrepiecesThere are many reasons to have a do it yourself wedding. Maybe you don’t have the money to pay for someone to set everything up for you, or you are the artsy type and want to make many of the wedding stuff yourself. Either way it can be a fun and busy experience that you won’t forget, making your big day one-hundred-percent your own. It can provide you with a sense of your wedding consisting of your own creation and style which will speak volumes about you and your groom.

DIY Centrepieces
One of the many things that you can make yourself for your big day are the centrepieces for each table. They can be made of so many different things and will allow you to present something unique to each table that you can also use as party favours as well as tell the story of how you and your groom met. Making your own centrepieces can be easy and hold your own special flare for creativity and style. Here are a few ideas to spark the creativity in you so you can create your own centrepieces for your wedding.

The Culinary Couple

If you and your groom both love to cook or maybe you met in a restaurant or cooking class, however the scenario goes, you can use many different cooking herbs for your centrepieces by placing small herb plants around a tin can containing flowers. You can even use a small piece of the herb in your floral arrangements to give it a simple yet personal touch. If you choose to use your centrepieces as party favours, you can place small plants in clear baby food jars and encircle your floral centrepiece with many different types of herb plants, just be sure to label each plant as your guests may not know how to tell these herbs apart.

fruits centrepieceFruit Lovers
It may not be a floral centrepiece, but it will certainly be yummy and inexpensive. If you and your groom love fruit, these centrepieces may be right up your alley. You can either choose a fruit that matches your wedding colours or you can use many types of fruit, whichever you choose will certainly be bright, bold, and beautiful. Place the fruit of your choice into antique looking bowls to add a vibrant splash of colour. You can even add sprigs of fresh mint to the arrangement to bring a fresh aroma to each table while continuing to stay unique.

Western Wedding

If you are equestrian lovers and are looking to have a barn wedding, which is becoming more and more popular these days, or are just having a western themed wedding. Why not add something a little different to your table. Buy a few pairs of equestrian style decorations such as spurs, brass horse figurines, or maybe a pair of leather riding boots. We know your mum taught you not to put your shoes on the table, but if they are new this is perfectly acceptable. You can fill the boots with long stemmed flowers of your choice and place them at the wedding party table while putting glass jars containing the same flowers at the other tables accompanied by the other decorations such as the spurs, brass horses, bulls, and other western wonders.

Traditional Hearts

If you have your heart set on a strictly floral centrepiece, but have an extremely tight budget, you can get very creative. Save up all your old tissue boxes, ensuring they haven’t been beaten and crushed to death, and use some fun patterned duct tape to wrap the entirety of the box or pick up a can of glossy spray paint. You can then tie a ribbon around the outside of your tissue box and place your flowers into the box at an angle. This way your centrepiece doesn’t look like a tissue box of flowers, while still being completely unique and keeping you under budget.

bird cage centrepieceBirds of a Feather
For this DIY centrepiece, you will need a tiny bird cage that will fit about a dozen flowers, and you can either buy tiny soap or foam birds or find some place that can supply you with butterflies. Take your tiny bird cage and gently fill it with flowers, some of these cages have bottoms that can be taken off, while others are fixed onto the cage. Leave about a 3 inch stem on each of the flowers and lay them in the bottom of the cage in a bouquet formation. You can then set the soap or foam birds on top of the bouquet or you can create a nest type formation and set the birds in the centre. You can also put real butterflies inside the cages and have your guests release them after one of the toasts.

Holiday Happiness

christmas wedding centrepieceIf you are planning a Christmas wedding, why not bring the season into your wedding by using Christmas ornaments, wreathes, and pine cones as your centrepiece. You can place a wreath in the centre of the table and place a raised dessert plate in the centre, then place pine cones around the dessert plate and place the ornaments on top. This is an extremely easy way to bring the holiday into your wedding while creating beautiful centrepieces on a low budget. You can even get creative and paint your name along with your grooms onto each of the ornaments with your wedding date underneath or you can use the ornaments as place cards as well as party favours.

Classical Elegance

Another new trend that is coming around for weddings is the tea style wedding. These generally serve finger sandwiches and tea at the reception along with other delicious delicacies that pair well with either hot or iced tea. An easy way to tie your wedding together with your centrepieces is to purchase mini antique tea pots that have hand painted designs on them ad fill them with roses and your favourite wild flowers. This is another excellent way to bring an elegant touch to your wedding day.

5 Popular Alternatives to Wedding Cake!

Wedding cake decorated with red rosesHaving an elegant, tiered cake has been an integral part of wedding tradition, but it is not the only dessert that you can have. After all, what if you are not a big fan of cake? Or maybe, both the bride and the groom need more sweets to add to the ceremony to satisfy their cravings for sugar.

Either way, you should not let tradition stand in your way, and there is nothing wrong with either replacing or supplementing cake with other desserts and sweets. In fact, having alternatives to wedding cake has become increasingly popular.


Here are 5 ideas that you might want to think about when you plan out your wedding!

1. Cupcakes

wedding cupcakes

You can never go wrong with cupcakes. With cupcakes, the couple is offered much more flexibility. You do not have to worry about finding a flavour that pleases everyone. Instead, you can offer an assortment of flavours and fillings. This way, everyone will be happy and satisfied.

Not only are they delicious, cupcakes can also act as great decoration for the reception room. The cupcakes can be intricately designed with the colours blending well with the rest of the reception. If you want to get creative, you can also have the cupcakes resemble flowers and bouquets. Not only will you have tasty treats, but cupcakes can be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Cupcakes can also be arranged in a variety of ways. For example, you can have cupcake towers that will instantly draw the attention of everyone in the area. You can also have pull-apart cakes designed specifically to look like a traditional cake. This way, you do not have to stray too far from tradition.

As yet another bonus, cupcakes are mess free, unlike cakes. You do not to spend time trying to slice and serve the cake. Grab one and place it on a plate – easy and fast!

2. Candy Bar

wedding candy bar

Another wedding dessert that has been rising in popularity is having a candy bar or buffet. Instead of having a traditional food buffet in which guests gather all they can eat, replace the food with your favourite candies.

No two candy bars are ever the same. You can design the bar to be exactly as you want. If you are a fan of the regular M&Ms, Snickers, and gummy bears, you can easily buy them in large quantities and have them ready for the reception. Otherwise, you can also use the candy bar to compliment the other decorations you have in the room. Many candies can be specifically ordered in the colours you want. The possibilities are limitless!

3. Ice Cream

wedding ice cream cake

Is candy not your thing either? What about an ice cream bar? This is a great choice especially if your wedding is happening in the summer, during the blistering heat.

If you have a little money to spend, you can even go all out and buy gourmet ice cream. One popular place to get your ice cream from would be Glace Wedding Cake. Based in Summer Hill NSW, all items are pick up only, and is well known for creamier and denser ice cream compared to the rest of the market. In addition, they have a plethora of flavours to choose from, such as Barbie Ice Cream cake, Ice Cream Chocolate Box, and Our Favourite.

Another choice would be to hire an ice cream bartender, who can create fascinating ice cream masterpieces for each of your guests.

wedding ice cream cake 2

With ice cream, you can please all of your guests, as they have the freedom to customize their own dessert. This way, they can choose their own flavours, toppings, and styles.

Do not be afraid to try this out!

4. Pie

wedding pie

Perhaps you and your loved one are more into pies. You can either ask a bakery to help you bake fresh pies, or you can ask friends to bake pies for you. Not only does the second option involve your friends, but it also may be much cheaper than enlisting outside help.

Pies can easily be adjusted to fit with your wedding’s season and theme as well. One idea is to fill the pies up with seasonal fruits. You can even added whipped toppings or ice cream so that your guests can eat their slices in their favourite ways!

5. Coffee

wedding coffee bar

Last but not least, since we are entering winter, here is a choice that will warm you up. Consider hiring a barista to your wedding reception. This way, you can have the beauty of a winter wedding, but your guests will be comfortable and toasty as well. Make sure that provide the barista with an assortment of ingredients and include fresh milk and cream, sugar, and syrups.

To make this dessert work, make sure you also provide other sweet treats to balance the taste out.

Dessert, Anyone?

Making dessert choices as alternatives to the traditional wedding cake may be the best idea for certain couples. You never want to force a dessert that you do not like into your wedding, simply for the sake of tradition. Similarly, you do not want to limit yourself on your big day. Your wedding should be a day that your dreams come true.

Keep in mind that getting an alternative dessert can also help you lower the cost of your wedding. After all, wedding cake is not best known for its low price. By opening your mind to other options, you can find tasty sweets best suited for everyone at a realistic price.

Of course, the 5 listed here are only choices that you can think about. Do not be afraid to think of your own wedding dessert idea that suits you and your loved one’s tastes. There is no way you can go wrong when it comes to dessert.

Most of all, have fun with it, and you will have the dream wedding that you have always wanted!

The Big Day Inspiration Book

Every Bride has been dreaming about her big wedding day. The day that her Prince Charming will come along and sweep her off her feet. Dreams that everything will be perfect and beautiful, as it very well should be. And while we have these fantasies as little girls of a big white ball gown and a room full of loved ones as spectators, as adults our tastes change. So how do we organize our dream wedding? How do we keep track of all the things that inspire us? The answer is simple, The Big Day Inspiration Book!

What is a Big Day Inspiration Book?

Big Day Inspiration BookA Big Day Inspiration Book is a book that you create yourself of all the things that inspire you while planning your perfect wedding. This book can have pictures of the invitations, save-the-date cards, decorations, centrepieces, and of course The Dress. Each of these things get pasted onto the pages of your book and you can organize them as you wish. It is really easy to make and can even help if you decide to hire a wedding planner to organize the event or if you want to do it all yourself.

When do I start making my Big Day Inspiration Book?

You should start making your inspiration book as soon as you get engaged. Most women will pick up dozens of wedding magazines such as, or and begin the planning of the engagement party, invitations to the engagement party, as well as other essential wedding planning details immediately. While perusing your mile high stack of wedding magazines, grab a pair of scissors and begin snipping out your favourite things from each magazine. You can also buy a scrapbook and card stock to make a scrapbook style inspiration book complete with your favourite type of lace, ribbon, pressed flowers, and the works.

How do I use my Big Day Inspiration Book?

We all understand how grocery lists work, your inspiration book is a little like a grocery list. Shop around to find all the things that you like and purchase them when you find them for an exceptional price. This can easily keep you on budget, which you can also put in your inspiration book. As you go through, put sticky notes or tabs near the things you have purchased and you can even put the price of the item on the stick note/tab so you can calculate the total cost of your wedding.

What do I do with my Big Day Inspiration Book after the Wedding?

After the wedding you can keep your book as a keep sake. You can also keep photos of the planning in the book so you can flip through it months or years later and reminisce planning your wedding. This is an amazing keepsake that you can show your kids, grand-kids, old friends, new friends, and family. Your wedding is going to be one of the biggest moments of your life and you will want to record every second from the engagement to the big day.

Things You Can Do at a Winter Wedding

There are some things you can do at a winter wedding that just can’t in the spring, summer, and fall. Here’s just a few and why winter weddings are awesome.

Have Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider Bars

Alongside a traditional bar service, consider having a hot chocolate and/or hot cider bar at your winter wedding. Your guests will love getting cosy with a cup of hot chocolate or cider. For a hot chocolate bar, offer hot chocolate with a variety of toppings–whipped cream, chocolate chips, caramel syrup, hot fudge, cinnamon sticks, and peppermint sticks. Dress the display up with printable labels on glass jars. Add cosy fabrics to the top and sides of the table and you’re all set. Similarly for a hot cider bar, have cider for your guests along with cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, and caramel syrup. You can also have a bartender serve an adult version of both hot chocolate and hot cider, by adding chocolate or cinnamon flavoured liquor to the drinks.

winter wedding3Treat Your Guests to Sleigh Rides or Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

To keep your guests busy between the wedding ceremony and the reception, offer your guests free sleigh rides or horse-drawn carriage rides. They are romantic, unique, and fun, especially if they take place in the early evening with a light snowfall.

Offer Awesome Wedding Favours

If you’re having a winter wedding, you can give your guests the cutest wedding favours. Mittens, hand and boot warmers, yummy scented candles, ski lift tickets, hot chocolate packets, rolled up blankets, etc. For inspiration, think of things you would want to receive in a stocking. Essentially anything you could stuff in a stocking, you can give as a winter wedding favour. The possibilities are endless.

Have Everything at Once Place


During the summer months, it’s not uncommon to be married in a church, drive a long distance to get to the reception, and then have to drive to a hotel located somewhere else. In the winter, it makes sense to do everything at the same place and by doing it this way, you should save money in the process. Find a winter resort, ski lodge, or hotel to host your wedding. Many of these kinds of places have an event planner on staff who can handle many of the wedding details for you. Ideally, you want a place where you and your guests can stay the night, have a marriage ceremony, and then hold a reception after. This way neither you nor your guests have to get in and out of cars during bad winter weather, risk your safety by driving in inclement weather, or ruin your clothing and shoes.

winter weddingUse Christmas and Holiday Decorations

One major plus to getting married in December is that many venues and churches are already decorated for the holiday season. If you like those holiday decorations and floral arrangements, you don’t need to do anything else. Plain white Christmas lights, Christmas trees, sparkling stars, and poinsettias often provide all the adornment your wedding needs.

Have Your Winter Wedding Whenever You Want

Because winter is the slowest time of year for weddings, you should be able to have your pick of venues and dates. Plus, the slow season usually means you will be able to save money on the venue and on all of your vendors.

Not Worry About Frizzy Hair

In the winter, it’s generally less humid and that’s good news for your hair. Cooler temperatures can help to seal your wedding hairstyle and keep it looking great all day. The cold air and the fact that you will probably be indoors more than if you were getting married during the summer, also means that your hairstyle options are greater. You can have it styled up, down, or half and half; and not worry about it coming undone by rain, humidity, or wind.

Entertainment Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

OUTDOOR WEDDING 3Outdoor weddings offer brides and grooms the unique opportunity to do something different when it comes to entertainment. Your options are almost unlimited and you can really get creative with your wedding entertainment. If you’re tired of deejays and dancing at weddings, consider one of these ideas to make your wedding one your guests will always remember.

Take the Games Outside

You probably played games like chess, checkers, Twister, and Jenga, when you were a kid. Well, you can take those games outside for part of your big day. Many artisans and companies are now making life-size versions of these games for people to play at outdoor parties, and especially at weddings. Grab a few of these games and set up different game stations. During cocktail hour and before dinner is served, your guests can get up out of their seats and enjoy a game of life-size Jenga or lawn Twister. It’s a great way to get people moving and to keep the energy up at your party. The fun can continue after dinner, too. These kinds of activities are great for groups of people who don’t want to dance, but still want to have fun at wedding receptions. Don’t forget those outdoor games you had fun playing during field days at OUTDOOR WEDDING 2school, such as potato sack races and relay races. These competitive, sporty games are perfect for your more active guests and children.

Have a Carnival

Adopt a fair or carnival theme for your wedding and you’ll have plenty of options for your outdoor wedding reception activities. Many carnival games are available for rent, like water dunk tanks and sumo wrestling suits. You could also set up a few on your own, like Coke bottle toss and balloon darts. Have prizes available for the winners. You can get a cotton candy and popcorn machine to add to the ambiance. Have a few fun, goofy booths, too, with games like guess your weight or age. Another extra touch is to have a friend act as fortune teller or palm reader and offer free readings to your guests.

Movie Night


For a smaller wedding, you can follow your wedding ceremony with an outdoor movie night. Set up a white sheet, screen, or have a flat surface to project the movie. Use hay bales covered with blankets, white chairs, or outdoor pillows for seating. Rent a popcorn machine, and have an array of movie theater candy and drinks. You can even create a special drink for the night using the wedding and movie as a basis for the drink recipe and name. Download a wedding or love-themed movie ahead of time to your Ipad, tablet, or computer and use a plug-in projector to display the movie.

Musical Offerings

Lastly, as an alternative or a supplement to hiring the services of a traditional deejay, you can create your own playlist and use good sound equipment to air the tunes on your own playlist. In addition, hiring a band or musicians is a great way to liven up the night. Think outside of the box when considering hiring musical talent. Consider a small group of students in a high school band who perform in their band uniforms and play music in a marching band style or dueling piano players who play songs on your guest’s requests.

5 ways to cut your wedding budget

wedding-budgetYour wedding day is potentially going to be the most expensive day in your life. With the pressure of a once in a lifetime dream wedding to pull off getting carried away with spending is easily done.

Luckily there are a number of ways you can cut your wedding budget without feeling like you have compromised on your big day arrangements. In this article there are five suggestions you might consider in order to cut your wedding budget.

1. Timing is everything

On so many levels the timing of your wedding can make a big difference to the cost. You can save considerable amounts of money and retain your choice of venue by simply having your wedding midweek for example or by avoiding peak times such as the summer months.

Special deal websites often advertise such offers even if they are not mentioned on the official website of the venue. However, if you do look to take advantage of such deals it is essential you are absolutely clear on what you are buying. In other words, what is included, what is not included and the cost of any items that you are likely to want to purchase. Don’t assume that someone is included if it is not specified and always check before your purchase not afterwards.

2. Please yourself

It is very easy to become stuck on comparing your wedding day to someone else’s or making arrangements to please those around you like family members or friends. This is your wedding day and you must please yourself! Those who love you will support your decisions even if they do not understand or agree with them.

On a more practical level, pleasing yourself can save you money. Of course, it can also cost you more money if your wishes are grandiose but generally speaking it is a money saving approach. You don’t feel pressurized into spending money on things that really are not very important to you. In fact, I know several couples who got married in a registry office and went out for a drink (just the two of them) afterwards.

3. Shopping around


Can I tell you a secret? There is an amazingly clever sales technique that makes people pay far more for something than they need to do. If you get quotes from wedding florists you are likely to pay more for the same flowers than you would if you just ordered some flowers. In other words, there are companies who put the word ‘wedding’ into their company name, title, catalogues and this can dramatically increase the price. You see this not just with weddings but in a lot of industries.

When buying anything for your wedding day there are two things you should consider. First of all, you should consider if you can get the same thing for a lower price. Secondly, you should consider the reputation of the person or company that you are looking to purchase from when it is possible to do so.

4. The guest list

One difficult aspect of budgeting is who and how many people to invite to the wedding reception and the evening. The cost per head of your guests can make this a big chunk of your overall wedding day costs. Luckily there are a number of things you can do to resolve this particular dilemma.

Your budget is obviously the primary consideration of this article and therefore work out how many people you can realistically invite to the reception and evening and still remain within budget. Usually immediate family will be your first consideration followed by closest friends but this is a matter of personal circumstance and choice.

Of course, the guest list is not all about guest numbers. It is also worth considering what services and extras to pay for if it makes the difference between inviting people who are important to you or not. Your choice of food, drinks and entertainment can all make a significant impact on the cost of your reception in particular. Even simple extras such as coffee can work out surprisingly expensive if you have a large number of guests.

5. Get creative

With a little creative thinking you can save a considerable amount of money. Let’s explore a few examples –

Wedding photographs – Why not minimize the use of a wedding photographer in order to lower your costs. With many people having digital cameras and high quality camera phones you can get lots of free pictures of your big day but asking your guests to take and share their pictures of your wedding. There are even apps designed for this purpose.

Wedding Cake – Do you know someone who can make and decorate your wedding cake? Any recommendations from other people? You can save a lot of money but finding a talented amateur cake maker/decorator rather than paying a professional to do the job. If you do decide to do this it is worth asking to see pictures of other cakes they have made or having the cake made and delivered in plenty of time.

Wedding stationery – Printed wedding stationery can be very expensive so why not make your own or get a talented friend or relative to create it for you. With the increasing popularity of large craft store chains it is easy to get hold of high quality paper, rubber stamps, paper cutters, foil lettering and pretty much anything else you need to create your own wedding stationery. If this all sounds a little too complicated or unappealing then there is also a Wedding Budget Calculator and lots of free on-line and desktop software that can help you design your wedding stationery and print it out on your home computer printer.

As you can see there are lots of ways in which you can cut your wedding day budget without compromising on your dreams. This article is just a starting point and you can find endless other ideas by searching the internet, buying wedding magazines or talking to other people.