Wedded Bliss: How to Get Rid of Cold Feet before your Ceremony

Your wedding day has finally arrived and you are . . . terrified.  Don’t worry about it so much; a lot of brides and grooms get cold feet before they take their vows.  It is actually a pretty natural part of making such a big promise to someone in front of God and everyone you love.  Still, allowing your inhibitions to get you down on your big day is a huge no-no.  You have come this far with the one you love and there is no reason to turn back now.  If you want to experience wedded bliss then you will have to figure out how to get rid of those hesitations that are suddenly springing into your mind.

Try to Remember

You might be feeling a little sideways right now but all you need to do to get rid of that feeling is to remember why you fell in love with your betrothed in the first place.  Only you know why you want to spend the rest of your life with your finance, and what other people have said to you or about you should not matter when compared to that.  Cold feet happen to people even when they are desperately in love.  Marriage brings a million questions without answers, but don’t let your icy toes deter you from what you came to do.

Prepare the Party

You know yourself better than anyone, so if you feel cold feet coming on or if you think that it might be a problem before the ceremony make sure you let your wedding party know.  Have your friends and family prepared to reassure you with positive words of encouragement.  Nobody wants or needs to be surrounded by people who will feed into your worries or make matters worse, and absolutely nobody wants to be jilted at the altar last minute because someone in the wedding party had a strong opinion at the wrong time.

Make Music Work for you

It is a scientific fact that music can alter your mood by a measurable degree, even when it is only listened to for a short period of time.  A relaxing wedding experience that is void of the troubles associated with cold feet sometimes requires uplifting music.  Perhaps it might even be a good idea for you or someone in your wedding party to play the song that you identify with most or the song that you and your betrothed have chosen as your own.

Ask the Elders

Your wedding day is a unique experience in that you will have unwarranted access to most of the elders and married couples in your collective families.  Use this to your advantage when you are dealing with cold feet.   Ask other couples what they did on their wedding day to combat these woes and try to see how successful their marriages have been despite those initial feelings.  You might even be lucky enough to gain some valuable insights on how to make the union last forever.