Flowers and Florists: Where Do I Begin?

Flowers are a must for every wedding. If you have been dreaming about your wedding for years upon years, you might already have ideas when it comes to floral arrangements. But without any experience, the thought of trying to cover everything when it comes to flowers at your wedding can be daunting. After all, your one wedding could probably require more flowers than any other occasion in your life. You will need, at the very minimum, bouquets for attendants, boutonnières for the groom, groomsmen, and fathers, corsages for mothers, decorative flowers at the ceremony, and centrepieces for the reception. So how can you purchase all of these flowers and plan accordingly to make your dreams come true?

How Do I Start Finding Potential Florists?

wedding flowersWhen you start looking for florists, decide what kind of florist you would like. Do you want one who is only in charge of flowers? Nowadays, there are florists who specialize in much more than just floral arrangements when it comes to weddings. Make sure that whatever florist you choose has specialized in weddings before. Making long-lasting floral arrangements for other occasions is very different from floral arrangements for weddings.

To begin your search, you might want to ask some of your friends or acquaintances that were recently wed, especially if you liked the floral designs at the wedding. If no one comes to mind or fits the criteria, you can also consult the contacts you already have at ceremony and reception sites, since they most likely already have florists that they have worked with repeatedly in the past. Search local flower store online and look for their floral arrangements pictures and reviews. This way, you can find a floral provider in Perth Western Australia who you can trust that is already familiar with the setting. However, no matter what, do not just take the words of others. Do your own research to see if there are facts to support the recommendations of others. Keep in mind that what works for someone else may not be the right fit for you.

When it comes to weddings, florists will be heavily involved in the process. It would be a mistake to think that your florist will only be thinking about flowers. Everything, from hair designs and colour scheme to location, the wedding gown, and the wedding date, can heavily influence a florist’s decisions. After all, you do not want to have everything in your wedding match but completely out of place for the flowers.

To find the florist that is right for you, make sure you find someone that is willing to listen to what you dream of. This is your wedding. Do not let someone else run away with it. Find someone that will listen closely to your ideas but will still offer advice. You want someone who is committed to working with you, your style, and your budget, rather than someone who is simply in it for the money. You also want a person that will let you have the final say when it comes to floral design. Make sure that it is someone that you feel comfortable talking and sharing ideas with.
Communication is a very large part of this process.

What About Budget?

Wedding table decoration seriesWhen it comes to flowers and decorations, most couples spend a total of 3 percent of their total wedding budget. This does not have to be an extravagant number. Florists can be quite understanding, and most of them will work with you to realize your dreams without running you bankrupt. However, the only way to ensure that the cost of flowers does not run sky high is if you are transparent with any prospective florists. Before you meet with potential florists, think seriously about how much you are willing to spend on flowers. Make it clear to them from the very start. Otherwise, planning can be extremely difficult and unpleasant, especially if the florist does not understand your price range.

Unless you are not afraid to spend a serious amount of cash, understand that you do not need to decorate every part of your wedding with flowers. You should work with your florist to designate floral designs where they will be the most noticed. For example, you might want to dedicate more time and money to choosing beautiful bouquets for the bride and the bridesmaids compared to other floral arrangements. A smart idea would be to reuse the same bouquets as table decorations, rather than having mediocre centrepieces and overspending on expensive arrangements.

If you have a lower budget in mind, do not hold unrealistic expectations. For example, a few roses tied together with ribbon are much cheaper than having an elaborately arranged bouquet. Your florist will be more than likely to have ideas on how to make your flowers beautiful and attractive at reasonable prices.

You might also want to consider using flowers that are currently in season or grown local. Also pay attention to the holidays, as holidays usually result in an increase in flower price. You can also consider renting containers from your florist or collecting attractive but inexpensive vases, which may save a lot more as compared to buying an overpriced vase for each and every centrepiece.

Most of all, communicate with your florist. Be open and make it clear to them about what you want.

What Should I Bring When I Meet with Florists?

wedding floristYou will want to already have the wedding location, gown, and date settled. You also want to provide the florist with how much you are willing to spend, the number of guests that you will be expecting, how many other people, such as bridesmaids, will need flowers too. You also want to have a way to show the florist the style that you desire.

Before you meet with your florist, start getting an idea of what type of look you want. Do you want something that is traditional? Or do you want something that is simple and romantic? You can compile a collection of ideas that show the kind of style that you like. This can be made from photographs that you have gathered from magazines or books that show the type of designs you desire. You might also want to bring a bridesmaid dress fabric swatch, a photo of your wedding dress, and photographs of the location.

Also, you should have a colour scheme. This can come from the designs of your invitation, the colours of the bridesmaid dresses, or the location of your wedding, as well as any colours that you personally prefer.

Keep in mind that you do not need a concrete idea in your head already. Part of your florist’s job is to give you ideas and styles that you can choose from.

How Do I Make My Final Decision?

BoutonnièreOnce you have gone through your list of potentials and have an idea of who you want, ask the ones that you are considering to write down an estimate based on the meetings you have had so far. This estimate should include a total price and a breakdown of what it includes, such as the exact number of bouquets, boutonnières and etc. that you are getting. If you simply cannot choose between two people, you can ask the two of them to create a sample to demonstrate an example of an arrangement she would make for you. Most florists do not charge for this.

A Dream Come True

Your search for florists should start happening at least 11 months before your wedding. This is definitely something that you do not want to procrastinate on, but it is also something that you do not want to stress yourself out. Most of all, remember that all of the work you are putting into this is to make you and your loved one’s dreams come true. So have fun, and make sure that you remember to communicate what you envision to your florist, and you will find yourself immensely satisfied when your big day comes.