The Big Day Inspiration Book

Every Bride has been dreaming about her big wedding day. The day that her Prince Charming will come along and sweep her off her feet. Dreams that everything will be perfect and beautiful, as it very well should be. And while we have these fantasies as little girls of a big white ball gown and a room full of loved ones as spectators, as adults our tastes change. So how do we organize our dream wedding? How do we keep track of all the things that inspire us? The answer is simple, The Big Day Inspiration Book!

What is a Big Day Inspiration Book?

Big Day Inspiration BookA Big Day Inspiration Book is a book that you create yourself of all the things that inspire you while planning your perfect wedding. This book can have pictures of the invitations, save-the-date cards, decorations, centrepieces, and of course The Dress. Each of these things get pasted onto the pages of your book and you can organize them as you wish. It is really easy to make and can even help if you decide to hire a wedding planner to organize the event or if you want to do it all yourself.

When do I start making my Big Day Inspiration Book?

You should start making your inspiration book as soon as you get engaged. Most women will pick up dozens of wedding magazines such as, or and begin the planning of the engagement party, invitations to the engagement party, as well as other essential wedding planning details immediately. While perusing your mile high stack of wedding magazines, grab a pair of scissors and begin snipping out your favourite things from each magazine. You can also buy a scrapbook and card stock to make a scrapbook style inspiration book complete with your favourite type of lace, ribbon, pressed flowers, and the works.

How do I use my Big Day Inspiration Book?

We all understand how grocery lists work, your inspiration book is a little like a grocery list. Shop around to find all the things that you like and purchase them when you find them for an exceptional price. This can easily keep you on budget, which you can also put in your inspiration book. As you go through, put sticky notes or tabs near the things you have purchased and you can even put the price of the item on the stick note/tab so you can calculate the total cost of your wedding.

What do I do with my Big Day Inspiration Book after the Wedding?

After the wedding you can keep your book as a keep sake. You can also keep photos of the planning in the book so you can flip through it months or years later and reminisce planning your wedding. This is an amazing keepsake that you can show your kids, grand-kids, old friends, new friends, and family. Your wedding is going to be one of the biggest moments of your life and you will want to record every second from the engagement to the big day.

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