Things You Can Do at a Winter Wedding

There are some things you can do at a winter wedding that just can’t in the spring, summer, and fall. Here’s just a few and why winter weddings are awesome.

Have Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider Bars

Alongside a traditional bar service, consider having a hot chocolate and/or hot cider bar at your winter wedding. Your guests will love getting cosy with a cup of hot chocolate or cider. For a hot chocolate bar, offer hot chocolate with a variety of toppings–whipped cream, chocolate chips, caramel syrup, hot fudge, cinnamon sticks, and peppermint sticks. Dress the display up with printable labels on glass jars. Add cosy fabrics to the top and sides of the table and you’re all set. Similarly for a hot cider bar, have cider for your guests along with cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, and caramel syrup. You can also have a bartender serve an adult version of both hot chocolate and hot cider, by adding chocolate or cinnamon flavoured liquor to the drinks.

winter wedding3Treat Your Guests to Sleigh Rides or Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

To keep your guests busy between the wedding ceremony and the reception, offer your guests free sleigh rides or horse-drawn carriage rides. They are romantic, unique, and fun, especially if they take place in the early evening with a light snowfall.

Offer Awesome Wedding Favours

If you’re having a winter wedding, you can give your guests the cutest wedding favours. Mittens, hand and boot warmers, yummy scented candles, ski lift tickets, hot chocolate packets, rolled up blankets, etc. For inspiration, think of things you would want to receive in a stocking. Essentially anything you could stuff in a stocking, you can give as a winter wedding favour. The possibilities are endless.

Have Everything at Once Place


During the summer months, it’s not uncommon to be married in a church, drive a long distance to get to the reception, and then have to drive to a hotel located somewhere else. In the winter, it makes sense to do everything at the same place and by doing it this way, you should save money in the process. Find a winter resort, ski lodge, or hotel to host your wedding. Many of these kinds of places have an event planner on staff who can handle many of the wedding details for you. Ideally, you want a place where you and your guests can stay the night, have a marriage ceremony, and then hold a reception after. This way neither you nor your guests have to get in and out of cars during bad winter weather, risk your safety by driving in inclement weather, or ruin your clothing and shoes.

winter weddingUse Christmas and Holiday Decorations

One major plus to getting married in December is that many venues and churches are already decorated for the holiday season. If you like those holiday decorations and floral arrangements, you don’t need to do anything else. Plain white Christmas lights, Christmas trees, sparkling stars, and poinsettias often provide all the adornment your wedding needs.

Have Your Winter Wedding Whenever You Want

Because winter is the slowest time of year for weddings, you should be able to have your pick of venues and dates. Plus, the slow season usually means you will be able to save money on the venue and on all of your vendors.

Not Worry About Frizzy Hair

In the winter, it’s generally less humid and that’s good news for your hair. Cooler temperatures can help to seal your wedding hairstyle and keep it looking great all day. The cold air and the fact that you will probably be indoors more than if you were getting married during the summer, also means that your hairstyle options are greater. You can have it styled up, down, or half and half; and not worry about it coming undone by rain, humidity, or wind.

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