Do It Yourself Wedding Centrepieces

wedding centrepiecesThere are many reasons to have a do it yourself wedding. Maybe you don’t have the money to pay for someone to set everything up for you, or you are the artsy type and want to make many of the wedding stuff yourself. Either way it can be a fun and busy experience that you won’t forget, making your big day one-hundred-percent your own. It can provide you with a sense of your wedding consisting of your own creation and style which will speak volumes about you and your groom.

DIY Centrepieces
One of the many things that you can make yourself for your big day are the centrepieces for each table. They can be made of so many different things and will allow you to present something unique to each table that you can also use as party favours as well as tell the story of how you and your groom met. Making your own centrepieces can be easy and hold your own special flare for creativity and style. Here are a few ideas to spark the creativity in you so you can create your own centrepieces for your wedding.

The Culinary Couple

If you and your groom both love to cook or maybe you met in a restaurant or cooking class, however the scenario goes, you can use many different cooking herbs for your centrepieces by placing small herb plants around a tin can containing flowers. You can even use a small piece of the herb in your floral arrangements to give it a simple yet personal touch. If you choose to use your centrepieces as party favours, you can place small plants in clear baby food jars and encircle your floral centrepiece with many different types of herb plants, just be sure to label each plant as your guests may not know how to tell these herbs apart.

fruits centrepieceFruit Lovers
It may not be a floral centrepiece, but it will certainly be yummy and inexpensive. If you and your groom love fruit, these centrepieces may be right up your alley. You can either choose a fruit that matches your wedding colours or you can use many types of fruit, whichever you choose will certainly be bright, bold, and beautiful. Place the fruit of your choice into antique looking bowls to add a vibrant splash of colour. You can even add sprigs of fresh mint to the arrangement to bring a fresh aroma to each table while continuing to stay unique.

Western Wedding

If you are equestrian lovers and are looking to have a barn wedding, which is becoming more and more popular these days, or are just having a western themed wedding. Why not add something a little different to your table. Buy a few pairs of equestrian style decorations such as spurs, brass horse figurines, or maybe a pair of leather riding boots. We know your mum taught you not to put your shoes on the table, but if they are new this is perfectly acceptable. You can fill the boots with long stemmed flowers of your choice and place them at the wedding party table while putting glass jars containing the same flowers at the other tables accompanied by the other decorations such as the spurs, brass horses, bulls, and other western wonders.

Traditional Hearts

If you have your heart set on a strictly floral centrepiece, but have an extremely tight budget, you can get very creative. Save up all your old tissue boxes, ensuring they haven’t been beaten and crushed to death, and use some fun patterned duct tape to wrap the entirety of the box or pick up a can of glossy spray paint. You can then tie a ribbon around the outside of your tissue box and place your flowers into the box at an angle. This way your centrepiece doesn’t look like a tissue box of flowers, while still being completely unique and keeping you under budget.

bird cage centrepieceBirds of a Feather
For this DIY centrepiece, you will need a tiny bird cage that will fit about a dozen flowers, and you can either buy tiny soap or foam birds or find some place that can supply you with butterflies. Take your tiny bird cage and gently fill it with flowers, some of these cages have bottoms that can be taken off, while others are fixed onto the cage. Leave about a 3 inch stem on each of the flowers and lay them in the bottom of the cage in a bouquet formation. You can then set the soap or foam birds on top of the bouquet or you can create a nest type formation and set the birds in the centre. You can also put real butterflies inside the cages and have your guests release them after one of the toasts.

Holiday Happiness

christmas wedding centrepieceIf you are planning a Christmas wedding, why not bring the season into your wedding by using Christmas ornaments, wreathes, and pine cones as your centrepiece. You can place a wreath in the centre of the table and place a raised dessert plate in the centre, then place pine cones around the dessert plate and place the ornaments on top. This is an extremely easy way to bring the holiday into your wedding while creating beautiful centrepieces on a low budget. You can even get creative and paint your name along with your grooms onto each of the ornaments with your wedding date underneath or you can use the ornaments as place cards as well as party favours.

Classical Elegance

Another new trend that is coming around for weddings is the tea style wedding. These generally serve finger sandwiches and tea at the reception along with other delicious delicacies that pair well with either hot or iced tea. An easy way to tie your wedding together with your centrepieces is to purchase mini antique tea pots that have hand painted designs on them ad fill them with roses and your favourite wild flowers. This is another excellent way to bring an elegant touch to your wedding day.