5 Popular Alternatives to Wedding Cake!

Wedding cake decorated with red rosesHaving an elegant, tiered cake has been an integral part of wedding tradition, but it is not the only dessert that you can have. After all, what if you are not a big fan of cake? Or maybe, both the bride and the groom need more sweets to add to the ceremony to satisfy their cravings for sugar.

Either way, you should not let tradition stand in your way, and there is nothing wrong with either replacing or supplementing cake with other desserts and sweets. In fact, having alternatives to wedding cake has become increasingly popular.


Here are 5 ideas that you might want to think about when you plan out your wedding!

1. Cupcakes

wedding cupcakes

You can never go wrong with cupcakes. With cupcakes, the couple is offered much more flexibility. You do not have to worry about finding a flavour that pleases everyone. Instead, you can offer an assortment of flavours and fillings. This way, everyone will be happy and satisfied.

Not only are they delicious, cupcakes can also act as great decoration for the reception room. The cupcakes can be intricately designed with the colours blending well with the rest of the reception. If you want to get creative, you can also have the cupcakes resemble flowers and bouquets. Not only will you have tasty treats, but cupcakes can be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Cupcakes can also be arranged in a variety of ways. For example, you can have cupcake towers that will instantly draw the attention of everyone in the area. You can also have pull-apart cakes designed specifically to look like a traditional cake. This way, you do not have to stray too far from tradition.

As yet another bonus, cupcakes are mess free, unlike cakes. You do not to spend time trying to slice and serve the cake. Grab one and place it on a plate – easy and fast!

2. Candy Bar

wedding candy bar

Another wedding dessert that has been rising in popularity is having a candy bar or buffet. Instead of having a traditional food buffet in which guests gather all they can eat, replace the food with your favourite candies.

No two candy bars are ever the same. You can design the bar to be exactly as you want. If you are a fan of the regular M&Ms, Snickers, and gummy bears, you can easily buy them in large quantities and have them ready for the reception. Otherwise, you can also use the candy bar to compliment the other decorations you have in the room. Many candies can be specifically ordered in the colours you want. The possibilities are limitless!

3. Ice Cream

wedding ice cream cake

Is candy not your thing either? What about an ice cream bar? This is a great choice especially if your wedding is happening in the summer, during the blistering heat.

If you have a little money to spend, you can even go all out and buy gourmet ice cream. One popular place to get your ice cream from would be Glace Wedding Cake. Based in Summer Hill NSW, all items are pick up only, and is well known for creamier and denser ice cream compared to the rest of the market. In addition, they have a plethora of flavours to choose from, such as Barbie Ice Cream cake, Ice Cream Chocolate Box, and Our Favourite.

Another choice would be to hire an ice cream bartender, who can create fascinating ice cream masterpieces for each of your guests.

wedding ice cream cake 2

With ice cream, you can please all of your guests, as they have the freedom to customize their own dessert. This way, they can choose their own flavours, toppings, and styles.

Do not be afraid to try this out!

4. Pie

wedding pie

Perhaps you and your loved one are more into pies. You can either ask a bakery to help you bake fresh pies, or you can ask friends to bake pies for you. Not only does the second option involve your friends, but it also may be much cheaper than enlisting outside help.

Pies can easily be adjusted to fit with your wedding’s season and theme as well. One idea is to fill the pies up with seasonal fruits. You can even added whipped toppings or ice cream so that your guests can eat their slices in their favourite ways!

5. Coffee

wedding coffee bar

Last but not least, since we are entering winter, here is a choice that will warm you up. Consider hiring a barista to your wedding reception. This way, you can have the beauty of a winter wedding, but your guests will be comfortable and toasty as well. Make sure that provide the barista with an assortment of ingredients and include fresh milk and cream, sugar, and syrups.

To make this dessert work, make sure you also provide other sweet treats to balance the taste out.

Dessert, Anyone?

Making dessert choices as alternatives to the traditional wedding cake may be the best idea for certain couples. You never want to force a dessert that you do not like into your wedding, simply for the sake of tradition. Similarly, you do not want to limit yourself on your big day. Your wedding should be a day that your dreams come true.

Keep in mind that getting an alternative dessert can also help you lower the cost of your wedding. After all, wedding cake is not best known for its low price. By opening your mind to other options, you can find tasty sweets best suited for everyone at a realistic price.

Of course, the 5 listed here are only choices that you can think about. Do not be afraid to think of your own wedding dessert idea that suits you and your loved one’s tastes. There is no way you can go wrong when it comes to dessert.

Most of all, have fun with it, and you will have the dream wedding that you have always wanted!

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