Entertainment Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

OUTDOOR WEDDING 3Outdoor weddings offer brides and grooms the unique opportunity to do something different when it comes to entertainment. Your options are almost unlimited and you can really get creative with your wedding entertainment. If you’re tired of deejays and dancing at weddings, consider one of these ideas to make your wedding one your guests will always remember.

Take the Games Outside

You probably played games like chess, checkers, Twister, and Jenga, when you were a kid. Well, you can take those games outside for part of your big day. Many artisans and companies are now making life-size versions of these games for people to play at outdoor parties, and especially at weddings. Grab a few of these games and set up different game stations. During cocktail hour and before dinner is served, your guests can get up out of their seats and enjoy a game of life-size Jenga or lawn Twister. It’s a great way to get people moving and to keep the energy up at your party. The fun can continue after dinner, too. These kinds of activities are great for groups of people who don’t want to dance, but still want to have fun at wedding receptions. Don’t forget those outdoor games you had fun playing during field days at OUTDOOR WEDDING 2school, such as potato sack races and relay races. These competitive, sporty games are perfect for your more active guests and children.

Have a Carnival

Adopt a fair or carnival theme for your wedding and you’ll have plenty of options for your outdoor wedding reception activities. Many carnival games are available for rent, like water dunk tanks and sumo wrestling suits. You could also set up a few on your own, like Coke bottle toss and balloon darts. Have prizes available for the winners. You can get a cotton candy and popcorn machine to add to the ambiance. Have a few fun, goofy booths, too, with games like guess your weight or age. Another extra touch is to have a friend act as fortune teller or palm reader and offer free readings to your guests.

Movie Night


For a smaller wedding, you can follow your wedding ceremony with an outdoor movie night. Set up a white sheet, screen, or have a flat surface to project the movie. Use hay bales covered with blankets, white chairs, or outdoor pillows for seating. Rent a popcorn machine, and have an array of movie theater candy and drinks. You can even create a special drink for the night using the wedding and movie as a basis for the drink recipe and name. Download a wedding or love-themed movie ahead of time to your Ipad, tablet, or computer and use a plug-in projector to display the movie.

Musical Offerings

Lastly, as an alternative or a supplement to hiring the services of a traditional deejay, you can create your own playlist and use good sound equipment to air the tunes on your own playlist. In addition, hiring a band or musicians is a great way to liven up the night. Think outside of the box when considering hiring musical talent. Consider a small group of students in a high school band who perform in their band uniforms and play music in a marching band style or dueling piano players who play songs on your guest’s requests.